My opinions on touch screen laptops




The transition to Windows 8

When Windows 8 first came around I thought it was an amazing concept. Microsoft had completely reinvented it’s biggest product. And while it’s not a move that everyone has appreciated, it’s the first move into the future; computers, tablets, mobiles, all converging into one comprehensive system. It makes a lot of sense compared to Apple’s highly contrasting Mac OS’s and mobile/tablet IOS’s.

So yes, I jumped on the bandwagon early on, unlike a large majority, and purchased myself a Microsoft Surface RT. This is the product which is often looked down upon due to it’s restricted nature. While this is true (it does have major setbacks like the inability to install software from anywhere other than the app store), I still find that many people overlook the device’s true purpose.

The surface is a tablet. You have apps, it is portable, and has an on screen keyboard if you wish to use it. In many respects it is just like the iPad. the difference is however, this device is also capable of acting as a simple laptop, with Office 2013 installed free, and with most of windows 8’s powerful functions. Compared to my laptop which was still running Windows Vista, this was by my standards a beautifully crafted tablet with an incredibly powerful interface.

It’s built for exactly what students and businesspeople try to use iPads for.

Buying a new laptop

My issue came when I was looking for a laptop. After my brother bought himself a Windows 8 laptop I realised just how used to the integrated touch-screen-and-keyboard way of thinking. I was starting to think that standard computers and laptops were Windows 8’s worst enemy. A simple swipe was controlled by moving your cursor to the corner. The charm bar bought up by a seemingly illogical right click on a blank area. I still don’t understand why anyone would limit themselves to these purely awkward interactions.

When I was looking at laptops I found a laptop which looked perfect for my needs. The HP Pavilion Touchsmart. As this review says, this is the sort of laptop which Windows 8 needed at it’s launch. And it was a good price.

In my opinion all Windows 8 devices should have built in touch screen functionality. No question about it. Windows 8 is just slightly ahead of it’s time, but the device world is catching up.

The only problems I’ve found are that the screen needs a wipe more often (no big deal) and that adobe CS6 doesn’t work well with touchscreen (not a big deal either, but a damn shame).

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