Best Places To Find Free Images Online



So you need images, everyone does. Perhaps you’re looking for images for a blog post, or perhaps you’re looking for images for a client’s website mockups? Whatever the occasion, here are a few ways to get those images that you may not have thought of, all perfect for commercial use of course.




This list’s first contender is iStock. As many creative professionals will know, iStock sells the use of millions of images. What you may not have known is that they also have a collection of high quality stock images available for free, which they add to each week. iStock have a good collection of high quality images with great variety. Also, as a bonus, iStock also include free video and audio files.




Refe are another stock image website, but with a difference. Refe focus their image library to ensure their high quality, featuring just images of people interacting with technology in a natural way. Their image selections make a nice change to the incredibly corporate, unnatural selections offered by some sites and push natural looking images. While Refe sell most of their images for a small cost, they also have a great selection of free images available, perfect for bloggers, tech lovers and creatives.




Pexels is a brilliant website which regularly updates it’s image collection with many high quality images, all completely free to use. They do all the hard work for you, regularly searching through other free image collections for the best images around. Pexels’ image collection features almost anything you could wish for.


Flicker Creative Commons


Flickr is a popular photo management and sharing application, but did you know that many users share their work with a creative commons licence? This means that there is a huge collection of images which are free to use for projects and blogs. Just be sure to check the licence type, which Flickr explain simply. All of these can be found under the creative commons section.




Unsplash contains a collection of beautiful photos available for use in whichever way you may require. They have a broad range of photos, and 10 new images are added every 10 days, so it’s worth checking back regularly to find some truly stunning images. Unsplash is definitely worth checking out.

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  1. Mohamed Allam says:

    You may find great ones on Pinterest too

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